Hello World

Welcome to the NEW Tigersden’s Geo Goodies Webstore.

Sorry for any confusion whilst we switched over, but we tried to keep it to a minimum.

There are a few NEW things that we are now able to offer you with this new site, so please take the time to look around and see what is new.

Here are a few things:

  • POSTAGE CALCULATOR – This is now linked directly to our Aus Post via their API (please don’t ask me to explain it, I only barely understand it myself) and calculates the postage more effectively than the previous method.
  • PAW POINTS and REWARDS – Now this is my favourite addition to our website.  Simply put, you get rewarded for buying things in the store.  To find out more, visit the PAW POINTS & REWARDS INFO page.
  • SPECIAL COUNTDOWN CLOCK – This is great for a number of reasons.  You will find this on the LEFT side of the HOME PAGE when there is something special about to happen.
  • CALENDAR of “Bit’s n Bobs” – You can have YOUR event (or anything that is important that you want others to know about) listed on our calendar for all to see.  Just fill out the form with as much info as you can.
  • BIRTHDAYS – Now this is a great feature.  When you create your account, you will be asked if you would like to add your DOB to your profile.  Then, when it is your birthday, a Birthday Cake will appear on the website, wishing you a Happy Birthday.  (when entering your birthday and choosing your YEAR, click the top year, then click it again, until YOUR year comes up)
  • MY ACCOUNT section – is more user friendly.  When you click on the MY ACCOUNT tab, it will show you a number of things, such as:
    *  You can EDIT your PASSWORD and other account details
    *  Your REWARDS – how many PAW POINTS you have – type of REWARDS you qualify for – Your CURRENT REWARDS you have available to use
    *  Recent Orders – You can view and pay your orders from here
    *  Addresses – Billing and Shipping Addresses
  • AUCTIONS – We can now hold Auctions, which is going to be a lot of fun.

We will continue to add new things to our website, and we will let you know what they are when they happen.

Thank you for being patient with us during this transition.

Cerena (tigersden)

We are CLOSED from the 23/6 - 5/7. Need a PATHTAG Designed? Visit www.tigersdensdesigns.com